Roller tips are probably the most important factor in reducing valve and guide wear when using modern performance camshafts.

Mini Spares has now produced its own Roller Tip Rocker Assembly for 1275cc big bore engines. The assembly features cradle type alloy rocker posts with an increased shaft size to improve rigidity and stronger EN24 adjuster screws with hexagonal head adjustment nuts.

The roller tips have a centreless ground finish and the competition thick-wall shaft sits in bronze bushes.

This is the ultimate lightweight alloy valve gear, providing maximum efficiency while cutting down side-loading on the valve stems and reducing friction and wear while increasing rigidity.

The 1.5 hi-lift keeps valves open approximately 20 per cent more than standard at any given point, although opening and closing periods remain the same. Volumetric efficiency is vastly improved thus increasing power output.

The set can be ordered as part number C-AHT446EVO. It comes with eight rockers, EN24 Allen key head adjuster screws and multi-point nuts, competition thick-wall shaft and steel pedestals. The complete set retails at £368.20 inc VAT.

Extra rocker cover clearance will be required. Use with FP24 rocker cover or Mini Spares’ own covers.
For more details call 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.