Fresh out for 2020 is the latest Hosetechnik website – a subsidiary of Forge Motorsport, Hosetechnik is a purveyor of high-end stainless braided brake lines for a variety of kitcar, OEM, custom and aftermarket applications.

Having formed just over a decade ago, Hosetechnik has built a solid reputation for offering off-the-shelf, high-performance solutions for the huge variety of vehicles that have passed through the workshop over the last few years.

In addition, the firm offers a totally bespoke service that allows for same or next day turnaround for custom fit brake line applications – whether they’re intended for the competition, trackday participation or even just fast road user, the ability to tailor each and every application makes them an invaluable tool for the modifier who might have changed calipers or is looking for the next big braking upgrade.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, performance and braking feel are also drastically improved, thanks to the tendency of stainless lines to resist expansion under extreme hydraulic pressure. This improved pedal feel leads to greater confidence behind the wheel, whilst reducing stopping distances due to the improved fluid transfer characteristics.

All Hosetechnik brake lines are manufactured from UK manufactured 303 stainless steel end fittings, which, coupled with PTFE lined and PVC coated braided lines that are offered in a variety of colours and finishes, leads to ASI304 high-tensile braided hoses that ensure long-lasting and durable brake lines for years of service.

As a result, each and every Hosetechnik product conforms to FMVSS106 certification standards so you can be reassured of safety, fade-resistant, braking when it matters the most. Steal those extra few metres into the next apex and nudge ahead of the competition with stainless steel brake lines that are second to none.

Their new website can be found at  

By logging onto the fresh new website it’s now possible to specify your entire custom hose for almost anywhere on your vehicle. Choose from a wide range of banjo fittings, hose length and colour, male and female fittings, metric and UNF to customise any fitment to suit. There are even bulkhead-style fittings for easy exchange come race day as well as manufacturer-specific swivel fittings to boot.

By offering a wide range of top-end fittings, hose length, brackets and bottom end fittings, it’s entirely possible to customise any fitment to suit online within seconds.

So, what are you waiting for? With the choice of carbon fibre effect, clear PVC, Blue, Red, Orange, purple, green and yellow PVC covering they can also be tailored to suit a highly detailed chassis refurb ENDS.