Finding a satisfactory distributor for a Classic Mini, or other A-Series engines can be fraught with problems.

Mini Spares tried and tested numerous imported and British-made examples. It found
that suppliers were often unable to advise what curves they had in them and discovered a marked disparity between the examples tested.

On many, the base plate would stick and alter the curves sometimes jamming the distributor in full advance. It also proved difficult to get them to run correctly when using a timing light.

The rotor arm and dog at the bottom of the shaft were often found to be out of phase and in the wrong position in relation to the point at where the spark fired thus either the timing was way out or the rotor arm was hard up against the carbon bush in the top of the distributor cap causing the cap to burn away in the middle.

Mini Spares is committed to offering its customers only the best products and so took the decision to manufacture its own distributors to ensure that none of these faults would be present.

Surprisingly, the cost of doing things properly isn’t as much as one might think! Mini Spares now offers its own distributors from just £45.90 inc VAT and just £70.20 inc VAT for electronic versions.

For more details contact Mini Spares on 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.