Drifting and Rallying requires extensive use of the handbrake, which can result in weaknesses in standard cable type handbrakes.

A hydraulic handbrake system prevents this. The hydraulic system connects into the brake-line that runs to the rear calipers and requires a lot less force to completely lock both rear wheels when needed.

A hydraulic handbrake is used by drivers to lock-up or break loose the rear wheels when they want to drift the car sideways or spin on the spot. Rally drivers regularly need to spin 180-degrees ‘on the spot’ when they overshoot an intersection or have to turn very hard left or right and there’s not enough wheel lock to achieve this. The hydraulic handbrake is not used to stop the car.

This 300mm long lockable handbrake lever and box from Burton Power is a high-quality UK product manufactured by OBP – and it’s available at an affordable price. A master cylinder is not included, allowing the customer to choose the most appropriate from Burton Power’s range, for the intended purpose.

A hydraulic hand brake can be added into the rear brake line system without changing the original mechanical handbrake setup. OBP Motorsport design and manufacture all these units in its own UK based factory.

The hydraulic handbrakes are constructed out of lightened steel with a black powdercoated finish along with a billet aluminium handle and grip; this construction provides an extremely strong product that will last a lifetime.

Order as part number OBPHBVIC01L at £72.00 inc VAT.

Available from Burton’s Performance Centre in Essex or by ordering from www.burtonpower.com or you can phone them on 0208 554 2281 ENDS.