One of the coolest of the small car care brands and one that does things in a very unique and humorous way is HB Sauce. They are deadly serious about the waxes and elixirs that they blend for our delight and pleasure, though.

One of their range that I’ve been using with great success recently is Raspberry Sauce Gloss Enhancing Quick Detailer and in addition to the smell (don’t put ice cream near it for goodness sake. It might smell like a topping sauce but you really mustn’t do that) it works brilliantly.

Typifying the oft used; seldom achieved ‘easy-on-easy-off’ claim this one really is a breeze to use. Fortified with silicates that helps boost the gloss effect, just spray it on, spread with a microfibre, allow to lightly haze and then use the dry side of your microfibre and be prepared to be impressed with the resulting shine.

A 500ml spray bottle costs £13.99 and is available from ENDS.