Here’s a great little product that I think could be unique. It’s a tiny little cordless cleaner that is brilliant for getting into those small irritating spaces such as between the seats when you drop crumbs down there and you just can’t get them out. This device will …

Ideal for kitcar use but can also be pressed into service around the home, too.

HIGH PERFORMANCE SMALL DEBRIS PICK UP – The built-in debris pick up system makes easy work of cleaning up those annoying small patches of debris that get dragged into the car. Includes a magnetic release debris tray, so quick and easy to empty. The ultimate car mat cleaner.

EASY PET HAIR REMOVAL – Both sides of the tool are generously covered in velour lint-catching fabric, perfect for coaxing pet hair and dust off any interior surface.

MAGNETIC CRACK RETRIEVAL TOOL – This thin extending 360-degree rotational tool is really useful. You can use it to hook, push or flick object like keys, coins and phones out from tight spaces.

BRIGHT LED– The built in bright LED is really useful for looking in dark places or to use as a light to see under the car or examine the engine of the car. Additional useful neodymium hoop magnet surrounding the LED.

STIFF BRISTLED DEBRIS BRUSH FOR TIGHT SPACES – This is really useful for brushing out debris in tight awkward spaces. The deliberate stiff bristles do the job.

SOFT DELICATE BRUSH – Is ideal for cleaning the more delicate parts of the car interior like brushing dust off vents, dashboard and other nooks and crannies. A fantastic car detailing brush.

It’s priced at just £16.99

For more information contact and the telephone number to 0844 701 0055 ENDS.