Engines rated at 800-,900-, or even 1000-plus lb/ft. of torque are not uncommon. That’s a lot of torque for a clutch assembly to handle. Years ago, racers found a solution in the twin-disc clutch. The extra disc increases the clutch assembly’s total surface area, which essentially doubles the clamping force compared to a similar single-disc clutch. A twin-disc clutch also does away with the need for a really stiff pressure plate to apply high clamp loads.

A great example of a road-spectwin-disc clutch is Tilton’s new ST-246. Designed for Tremec T-56 six-speed and TKO five-speed transmissions, Tilton borrowed technology from its racing clutches when it designed the ST-246:

The Tilton ST-246 twin-disc clutches are available with two disc options:

The organic discs are rated to 850 lbs.-ft. of torque, and have a sprung centre-hub to dampen engine vibrations, reduce gearbox noise, and provide smooth engagement on the street. Rated to hold up to 1250 lbs.-ft. of torque, the cerametallic discs have a solid centre-hub that is stronger than a sprung hub, and also provide positive, precise clutch engagement. That makes them a great choice for cars that see a lot of track time.

Tilton’s ST-246 Twin-Disc Clutches are compatible with most OEM release bearings. Pairing one up with a Tilton hydraulic release bearing is also a great option.