Boom Mat™, specialist’s in sound control, now offers an innovative way to control vibration between two metal parts.

The washers are made from a polyurethane elastomer that works as a barrier between two metal bodies to help dissipate vibration, resonance and knocking.

Boom Mat Decoupling Washers are ideal for any vehicle, especially classics and kitcars. The washers can be used to decouple fuel tanks, wings or any metal body components to reduce engine and road vibration noise. The decoupling washers are also designed to work over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures ranging from -20°F (approx. -29°C) to 200°F (approx. 93°C).

Various sizes are available to suit almost any type of installation between metals for automotive, motorhome or power-marine applications. This includes: fuel tanks on motorcycles, body and wing mounts, domestic equipment and air-con mounts in motorhomes and much more, the washers are simply added between the two pieces of metals to reduce interior sound. The decouplers have a tensile strength of 2400 PSI and a 67A hardness rating.

Boom Mat’s Decoupling Washers are available as:.
Part #050087 Assortment of five Different Size Washers, Qty. 35 washers
Part #050088 9/16in (1.42875cm), Qty. 10 pack
Part #050089 ½in (1.27cm), Qty. 4 pack
Part #050090 ½in (1.27cm), Qty. 10 pack
Part #050091 3/8in (0.9525cm), Qty. 10 pack
Part #050092 3/8in (0.9525cm), Qty. 10 pack

In the UK & Europe DEI’s Boom Mat Decoupling Washers can be ordered from or ENDS.