Here’s one aimed primarily at our North American readers …

Mobil 1 5W-30 and 15W-30

Mobil 1’s 5W-30 and 15W-30 grades are full synthetic motor oils that provide exceptional protection against engine wear even under extreme conditions. They will help keep your crate engine running like new by reducing sludge, deposit build-up, and minimising oil breakdown.

Mobil 1 flows as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit—no worries about oil starvation at engine start-up—and can withstand temperatures up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit.

Chevrolet Performance recommends Mobil 1 5W-30 for these crate engines:

  • 350/290
  • 350 HO
  • Ram Jet 350
  • SP350/357 and SP350/385
  • ZZ6, carbureted and EFI
  • HT383
  • SP383
  • L96 Connect and Cruise Package
  • LS3 and LS3 E-ROD
  • LS7
  • LS376/515 and LS376/525
  • LSA and LSA E-ROD
  • LSX376-B8 and LSX376-B15
  • HT502
  • 454 HO and 502 HO
  • ZZ427/480 and ZZ454/440
  • ZZ502/502
  • ZZ572/620 Connect and Cruise Packages

Chevrolet Performance recommends Mobil 1 15W-30 synthetic motor oil for this crate engine:

  • LSX454

Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W-40 

Mobil 1 ESP Formula 0W-40 is the first motor oil specifically developed for Corvette LT1 and LT4 engines. It has what Mobil 1 calls an Emission System Protection (ESP) formulation to help prolong the life and maintain the efficiency of your vehicle’s emission system and reduce oil consumption. It can even help improve fuel economy. Recommended for these engines

  • LT1 and LT1 E-ROD
  • LT4
  • LT5

Even if you don’t have a Chevrolet Performance engine, using Mobil 1 is an excellent choice for any engine. Summit Racing carries sixteen different Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil formulations to cover just about everything on four wheels.