Launched after the completion of exacting testing Spax has announced a new range of professional, on-car adjustable, coil-over shocks and telescopic dampers. This range of premium dampers is individually manufactured to customer specifications and has been developed primarily to ensure the best possible suspension configuration for kit and sportscar builders.

Derived from race technology the new, slim bodied, krypton gas pressurised Spax DA-C shocks feature independent adjustment of both bump and rebound damping providing drivers with the ability to accurately, and precisely, tune their suspension to ensure the ultimate ride, handling and performance solution for specific car, driver conditions set-up.

Available at a list price of £315.99 inc VAT each, DA-C dampers are made to order and delivered in just one week. Manufactured in Britain, to exacting standards, they are powdercoated and supplied with stainless steel coil-over threads thus ensuring a long-life regardless of the conditions they are exposed to.

To find out more visit www.spaxperformance.comor 01869 244 771 ENDS.