Another car care company I really like is Infinity Wax and this week I’ve been trying out their Rapid Detailer with great success.

Also available in pink!

It was designed with ease of use, extreme gloss and surface slip in mind. It uses three stage polymer technology that means it’s yep, easy-to-use, which has become standard for this product with extremely effective results. Each of the three polymers within compliment the function of the other and can be broken down into three primary purposes:

Gloss enhancing polymer

Surface tension polymer

Hydrophobic polymer

Infinity Wax’s Rapid Detailer is also solvent, alcohol and detergent-free and is available in pleasant blue or pink!

I sprayed a light mist onto the vehicle one panel at a time. There is no cure time for this product as it ‘flashes’ almost on impact and you simply remove it using a high-quality soft microfiber towel before the product dries in.

You can also spray it onto a freshly washed and still wet vehicle to use as a highly effective drying aid.

A quality trigger is good to see and makes such a big difference

Rapid Detailer is also a good clay lubricant, window cleaner and sealant. A 500ml spray bottle (Infinity’s triggers are among the best, by the way) costs just £9.99 and is available now from or 0800 024 8625 ENDS.