Been enjoying a lot of success with the American car care range produced by The Treatment and imported to the UK by long-term Collinite distributors, Shipshape Norfolk Ltd.

I’ve been trying out a few more of the range and just like the other stuff I’ve sampled thus far they work great, too.

Carnauba Wash & Wax Car Wash Concentrate is a special blend of thick cleaning and conditioning agents plus wax that left a fresh polished finish on my car’s surface.

I like the way it produces a thick, creamy foam that cleaned and waxed in one step, rather than using multiple products and excess time. After washing, water beaded on the surface, proper hydrophobic abilities. I love the fresh lemon scent and the £6.68 price tag

Another product I really enjoyed using isWheel Cure® Wheel Cleaner, which is a safe, effective non-acid spray.

Great for all wheel types and foams while removing road grime and dirt!

It can be used on painted or clear coated wheels, as well as hubcap covers. Simply spray on and hose off for great results. Melts away brake dust and other road grime without heavy scrubbing. Another great value for money product at just £8.82.

For more information visit call 01353 676 007 ENDS.