Summit Racing carries a nice selection of BorgWarner turbochargers including –

AirWerks Turbochargers

Developed from experience with GM Racing’s sport compact drag racing program, the AirWerks Turbochargers feature ‘S’ generation compressor wheels with extended tip technology.

This design feature promotes greater airflow by using a low mass/low-inertia wheel that performs like a wheel of greater size and mass. The extended tip technology allows faster spool-up at lower engine speeds while providing plenty of boost at the top end up to 70psi depending on the turbo and application.

Summit Racing offers BorgWarner AirWerks turbochargers in S200, S300, S400/SX400, S410, and S500/SX500 configurations.

EFR Turbochargers

The Engineered for Racing (EFR) turbos deliver quick boost response, powerful performance, and reliable durability in a compact package. EFR turbine wheels are made from titanium aluminide or Gamma-Ti. Not quite ceramic and not quite metal, the material is very lightweight and demonstrates excellent strength at high temperatures. Since Gamma-Ti turbine wheels weigh 50 per cent less than typical wheels, less energy is required to spin them up to speed. That means really quick boost response.

BorgWarner has a useful tool to determine the proper turbocharger for your application. Called Match-Bot, it asks for detailed engine parameters and then selects the best turbo(s) for your project.

Summit Racing also carries BorgWarner turbocharger housings and cartridge assemblies to repair or upgrade your turbo without having to buy a brand-new unit.