Great to see that Bulgarian manufacturer, Aero Master is doing very nicely with their outrageous Bentley LMP Le Mans pastiche.

What’s more, they’ve already sold one in the UK and having seen the quality of the kit I’m sure it won’t be the last.

The body package includes all the GRP parts and costs €7500 with their standard package, which adds the chassis at €11,520. To this, you would need a few items including the bespoke windscreen and huge LMP rear wing.

Imagine rocking up to the supermarket in one of these!

Add paint and of course, the GM LS V8 engine and you will have a stunning race-orientated kitcar on your hands. By the way, how good would one of those Mopar Hellephant 1000bhp crate motors be in one of these!?

First UK Aero Master UK build well underway …

We’ll be bringing more information on the LMP as the project progresses.

In the meantime, visit ENDS.