AKSS is a new Jaguar XKSS replica – a collaboration between AK Sports Cars and JFG Classics

The first all-new project to come from AK Sports Cars Peterborough workshop since 1991 is this Jaguar XKSS replica, which was unveiled in rolling chassis form at Stoneleigh last month.

To be 100 per cent accurate it will actually be sold via AK’s new sister company, JFG Classics, a joint venture between AK MD, Jon Freeman, classic car nut, Neil Johnson and mechanical engineer, Andy Green.

The XKSS, although sometimes overshadowed by its sister the D-type, is a truly revered classic in its own right, with only sixteen originals produced by Jaguar in 1957 due to the catastrophic fire at the Browns Lane, Coventry factory.

If you want an original XKSS – expect to pay £10m for one!

If you could find an original for sale, it would command a price of around £10m and as part of its Reborn programme Jaguar’s classic department will sell you a continuation version, although that isn’t road-legal, which is a bit at odds with the fact that the XKSS was the roadgoing version of the D-type in period.

The new AKSS uses the proven AK427 Gen 3 chassis and is powered by a Jaguar XK 4.2-litre straight-six engine and it’s sure to be a cracking thing, which will bring you more on as things develop.

In the meantime contact www.jfgclassics.com or call 0333 444 5342 ENDS.