It’s rare that a product like the Pioneer SPH-EVO620DAB UNI shakes the in-car entertainment world like King Kong on a New York skyscraper, but when it does Pioneer likes the impression of an A-list movie star.

Thanks to the flexible installation options afforded by the modular display and detachable control box setup, this 6.8in head unit redefines the notion of single and double DIN stereos. Not only that, it benefits from Pioneer’s long-held audiophile reputation for high-end, high-resolution audio quality.

Waze, Spotify, Bluetoothâconnectivity and the trusted duo of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make things, even more, smartphone-friendly for those with busy social lives.

It’s not often you can call a 4x50w stereo that can cope with every modern-day entertainment formats ground-breaking, but with a product like the SPH-EVO620DAB-UNI, Pioneer has achieved something quite special with this head unit.

The item retails from £379 and is available via ENDS.