Blitzworld’s kits are more than happy in conditions like this …


Here’s the CF-Moto before it gets caked in mud! Just hose it out and you’re good to go again

Blitzworld is a company heavily involved in off-road style buggies and has a huge range available in kit or fully built form for use on-road or on muddy, flooded quarries!

They make their own buggies, with some of them type-approved, while they also import this cool Chinese-made offering (CF-Moto), which starts from an amazingly competitive £10,5000 fully built.

Based in Stoke-on-Trent they have access to over 300-acres of land on which to play with your Joy Rider, CF-Moto, Cheetah, Renegade, Animal etc.

What’s even better is that Blitzworld boss, Steve Malpass, is so incredibly enthusiastic about both his business and the world of buggies in general and it’s hard not to swept along in his passion for what he does.

We’ll be featuring Blitzworld in TKC Mag, very soon.

In the meantime visit or 01782 208 050 ENDS.