This affordable new kit will solve a lot of ground clearance issues

Well-known for their fine range of bodykits – Avalanche GT and Evolution GT – Turismo UK came to Stoneleigh with a great display of their wares. The Nottinghamshire-based company work closely with Rob at Total Custom while they launched a very innovative piece of kit at the show.

It’s a universal fit Air Cup Lift System for cars equipped with coil-over dampers. We’ve all been there, scraping a front splitter on the ground while trying to load your car on a trailer (that scrunching sound is truly sickening) or on lowered cars, where ground clearance issues cause problems on pot-holes and sleeping policemen.

Turismo’s kit solves all those problems and will fit most coil-over suspension set-ups. It’s far less expensive than an air-ride system and can be removed when you sell the car.

Cost is incredibly competitive at around £1100. To find out more visit or call 07790 904 153 or 07754 231 717 ENDS.