Bulgarian kitcar maker AeroMaster is now offering their LMP race-orientated replica in kit form. Gunther Schleyer of German company, CCK Kempten (for many years they’ve promoted leading UK kit and specialist car makers in their homeland) gave some advice in the development stages. The LMP is a pastiche of the ultra-pretty Bentley LMP endurance racer of 2001.

Initially, a track-orientated version will be available although a road-going package will appear later in 2019. How good would that be tooling down to the local pub or visiting McDonalds Drive-Thru?

The Sofia-based manufacturer supplies worldwide, directly from their factory and rolling chassis kit packages start at 7500 Euros and in case you were wondering, the recommended power unit is Audi V8.

AeroMaster is planning a second, as yet un-named, model, which gives a pretty good impression of a Rally Raid car!

More information from www.aero-master.com or for CCK’s activities visit www.cck-kempten.de ENDS.