Originally invented by the Russians during the space-race as a means of putting fires out in spacecraft, the Fire Safety Stick could be a product to greatly interest kitcar owners.

After the space-race the Russians didn’t take it further and was then discovered by an Italian company, leading to the commercially available product you see here.

Unique in that it is able to extinguish all major types of fire – solid combustibles (wood, paper, plastic, textiles), liquid flammables (petrol, diesel), gases (propane, butane, methane), electrical fires up to 100,000-volts and even cooking oils and deep fat fryers. No other extinguisher can handle all these types together.

Hence there are different types of extinguishers – use the wrong one on the wrong fire and you will create a much bigger problem. The Fire Safety Stick overcomes this. No trying to guess which one to use, no education needed, this one will work whether in the car, boat, caravan, home (including the kitchen).

The product leaves no residue – unlike standard foam or powder extinguishers (used for car/fuel/garage fires) and therefore no damage to your car or engine.

Andrew Robinson, od sole UK importer’s, Argento Global Solutions said: “As a kitcar owner myself (Beach Buggy) several of my friends have had fires, which luckily was quickly extinguished with a traditional extinguisher, but it then caused far more damage such as ruining the engine etc. This is not an issue with the Fire Safety Stick.”

The Fire Safety Stick has a 25-second discharge time, far longer than a 1- or 2-litre extinguisher thus giving more time to put the fire out.

Handily, there is no expiry date and no maintenance required. Many people have traditional extinguishers but have them too long and if not serviced every year they may not work at all when you need them.

Due to its unique activation method, it’s completely waterproof and so is safe to leave attached to the external parts of your kitcar (on a roll-bar, for example). In fact, once activated, you can even put in a bucket of water and it will still continue to work afterwards.

So, small and light easy to have close at hand in the cabin of your car and not having to hide in the boot or external storage. In the event of a fire, you need to act within seconds.

The company have a special offer running until May 1, 2019, with a single stick priced at £35. A heavier duty, 50-second Fire Safety Stick is available at £60.

More from www.firesafetystick.comor at the other end of 01582 879 529 ENDS.