Looking at the latest offerings from Laser Tools, versatility, innovation and unique product development is at the company’s core, and here’s an excellent example: these new Button Connector Pliers (part number 7407) are equipped with an extended flexible cable – and what a difference that makes!

They are designed to quickly remove the button-type quick-connectors found on fuel lines, power steering pipes and other vehicle systems, but the 650mm extended cable means that you can access connectors buried deep in the engine bay, underneath or obscured by other engine-bay components, or otherwise inaccessible to ordinary pliers.

The tool’s specially designed fingers open from 3mm to 32mm and from above, from underneath, or from the side, they grip and press the buttons or tabs on the connector, then pull back and the connector slides straight off. The pliers also feature a locking mechanism to hold the tabs compressed while you remove the connector.

Pair the 7407 pliers with the 37011 Assorted Fuel & Pipe Connector kit from Connect Workshop Consumables for a complete workshop solution for repairing and replacing fuel pipes and connectors. The 37011 kit is a comprehensive assortment of fuel pipe connectors, nylon pipe and twin-eared ‘O’ clips in a handy organiser.

These innovative and invaluable toolsets are available from your Laser Tools stockist now. Very good value — typically priced at £85.03 for the 7407 and £301.00 for the 37011 (prices include VAT), but remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

More details from www.lasertools.co.uk ENDS.

See the 7407 Button Connector Pliers in action on the Tool Connection YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/mcK66hrLr54