One of my favourite car care brands is CarPro UK and their range features some supreme products covering most aspects of car detailing. Stuff like Iron X, Perl, Hydro2 and Cquartz.

One area that they didn’t have a product was a quick detailer but they’ve just filled that with the introduction of EliXir, easy-to-use, high gloss spray that came about thanks to devout CarPro enthusiasts, budding chemists, who wondered ‘what if’ when they would often mix Ech2o and Cquartz together to create their own hybrid ceramic detailer.

The manufacturer listened and refreshingly came up with a specific product for the purpose in EliXir, which is simple to apply, gives an outstanding depth of finish, high gloss and massive water repelling ability.

Having tried it, EliXir is in my quick detailer go-to list and really is as good as the hype.

A 500ml spray bottle costs around £15.99 and is available from or 0131 261 7237 ENDS.