This new range of slot-headed, wooden-handled screwdrivers from Gunson Tools is suitable for a wide range of traditional applications from woodworking and cabinet-making, to classic cars and machinery. The oval section handle gives these screwdrivers a lovely weight and the natural feel of an older and more traditional wooden-handled screwdriver.

There are four slot-headed drivers in the range: part number 77145 is 160mm in length with a 9mm tip; 77146 is 200mm long with a 9.5mm tip; 77147 is 250mm long with a 100mm tip, and part number 77148 is a full 300mm in length with a tip size of 10.5mm. The tips are finely ground and tapered for maximum strength.

The range features hardened and heat-treated high carbon steel blades with wooden handle inserts for comfort, grip and optimal transmission of torque from the hand. The blade extends the length of the driver so that they can be lightly encouraged with a mallet or small hammer if necessary, with no danger of any splintering of the handle.

These screwdrivers make a stylish, practical and useful addition to the classic toolbox and are available now from your Gunson Tools stockist. Typically priced at £12.80 for the 77145; £13.73 for the 77146; £14.64 for the 77147 and £15.24 for the 77148 (prices include VAT).

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