Tiger Racing boss, Jim Dudley, has seen it all in 30-years running Tiger Racing, making some of the UK’s best-loved kitcars. However, the company enjoyed a ‘first’ recently.

Lee Kernich, a customer from South Australia has just built a Tiger R10, the only one believed to have been registered in Australia, overcoming the considerable obstacle of Aussie ADR regulations, at the same time.

To meet the requirement, some adjustments were needed, including fitment of inertia reel seatbelts, strict emission tests including a 90dB noise test, padding on the dashboard, third brake light and an engine immobiliser system.

Lee purchased a comprehensive R10 kit from Tiger Racing although before he placed the order he’d never seen one in the flesh or GRP!

Very impressive and hopefully it won’t be the last Tiger in Australia. More from www.tigerracing.comor 01945 466 200 ENDS.