In classic car circles, one of the best-known coachtrimming companies is O’Rourke Coachtrimmers & Supplies, based in West Sussex.

The company has just released their own range of leather-related treatments and cleaners. Initially, I thought that they were just ‘badge-engineered’ products. Other people’s stuff with their labels on.

Wrong actually. They have devised this stuff to their own formulations and put their name to them because they think they work better than anything else around.

The products are available separately or best-value is a Leather Care Bundle at £74.95 which includes 1 x 500ml Leather Cleaner, 1 x 200ml Leather Balm, 1 x 250ml Leather protect, 1 x Interior Brush and 2 x microfibre towels.

The cleaner costs £19.95 on its own and is a gentle water-based and pH-neutral cleanser that is suitable for all types of leather and helps restore the original look and feel with a subtle leather aroma.

Leather Protect (£29.95) is a clear sealant designed to increase durability and makes leather easier to clean and helps prevent stains.

I really liked their Balm, supplied in a 200ml crystal-type pot. It costs £21.95 on its own. It’s designed to ‘dress’ modern sealed leather and leaves a soft-feel and a subtle satin sheen.

Another of their products I tried was the branded leather brush with bonded resin fibres/bristles. It has a stout feel to it and didn’t collapse under pressure or indeed feel like it was being too aggressive.

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