AutoMeter’s Elite Series Digital gauges feature LED-backlit numeric readouts that can be displayed in one of seven colours, making them easy to read at a glance.

Elite Series Digital gauges have durable stepper motors and are microprocessor-controlled for accurate readings. You can program the LED numerical and radial sweep readouts in one of seven colours—and what’s more, you can program the gauges to flash or change colour when user-set parameters are reached. Now you’ll know at a glance when water temperature gets too high, oil pressure plummets, or when you reach the proper shift-point.

All gauges except the tachometer and speedometer have two data channels. That allows you to view each channel individually, toggle between channels, or see a combination of the two – one as a numerical display and the other as a sweep display.

Elite Series Digital gauges also have a five amp, solid state input that wires into a relay to perform various functions. For example, you can program the temperature gauge to switch on an electric fan when a pre-set temperature is reached or program the tach to engage a kill switch if engine RPM gets too high.

AutoMeter even gives you a choice of gauge styles—Sport-Comp, Cobalt Series, Ultra-Lite, and Phantom Series – to match your existing AutoMeter gauges.