Aluminium chequer-plate (also known as tread-plate) is a brilliant and versatile product. In motorsport, it’s mainly used for workshop benches and flooring to prevent slipping and provide grip.

It’s also commonly seen on the front wings or flat-beds of Land Rovers to provide some grip to anyone standing in these areas when doing some gnarly off-roading.

Not to mention the myriad kitcars that have it employed somewhere about them.

It’s strong, rust-resistant, easy to clean, requires no maintenance and of course, has good anti-slip and anti-skid properties.

There really are endless other uses including trailer floors, ramps, ladder/step treads, door kickplates, motorhome garage floors and architectural decoration.

Merlin Motorsport is a big seller of chequer-plate and cuts it to size for you in 2mm thickness.

It’s priced in units of 300mm /30cm /1.00ft² but they can cut larger or smaller sheets to your dimensions in their workshop.   

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