These amazingly small and lightweight portable lithium-ion power packs, act as a charger, torch and will jumpstart a vehicle with a flat battery.

The Jumpstart Micro 350 can be used as:

Jumpstart suitable for a car with a flat battery with a starting current of 200A and a peak current of 400A.

Lithium-ion power pack with 2x USB 5V ports and 12V/19V outlets for phones and computers and has a 1watt LED torch

Also included are a range of connectors including vehicle aux, mains charger and a 4-in-1 device adaptor for phones, tablets, etc.

This device can be used approximately twenty times on a single charge, is small enough to fit into a vehicle glove box and can start diesel engines up to 4-litres and petrol engines up to 6-litres. Prices start at £59.98.

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