As the cold nights creep in, there’s never been a better moment to treat your big turbo to a nice new blanket to keep it warm, or cool… depending on how you look at it.

There’s no doubt the tight confines of any engine bay could benefit from slightly less underbonnet heat, particularly if you’re heading along the path of ECU remaps and extra boost.

The sleeve you see here is called a ‘turbo blanket’, and it could save your engine bay from a lot of damage. Turbochargers generate a lot of heat, but a blanket keeps that heat contained, preventing it from spreading throughout the engine bay and hastening the aging of vital plastic or rubber components.

Developed as part of the build process of the Forge Mk1 Golf, which runs a large aftermarket Garrett turbocharger, it was deemed vital in that car to prevent the driver from suffering from toasty feet resting against the bulkhead. As a result, the Forge turbo blanket fits a multitude of different turbo applications including:




The Garrett GTX28 and GTX30 Range

Borg Warner EFR6258

Not only is it designed to assist in the protection and prolonging of engine components, its unique design it will assist in reducing turbo lag and produce cooler air intake temperatures.

Once fitted the material will lose it flexibility over the first few heat cycles as the material cures, so once fitted it should not be removed as damage will likely be caused. This unique process ensures that exhaust gases remain in the hot side of the turbo, away from the cool side and the intake air path.

Made from a mix of carbon fabric, calcium magnesium silicate wool and high temperature silica fabric, it can withstand internal temps of up to 2300 deg F and has an exterior direct contact limit of 1800 deg F.

It features a retail price of £50.39 inc VAT with more information from  HYPERLINK “” \t “_blank” (.com in the US) ENDS.