Brighten up your life as autumn and winter beckons with these seven-inch sealed unit headlamps from Mountney Classic.  Don’t let the dark nights and bleak mornings get the better of you, lighten up with these 12v Halogen headlamps that promise to pierce the darkness and make every journey easier on your eyes. Being a well-used unit, these will also fit many other cars.

Available in both left and right-hand specific beam patterns, these effective headlamps will see you right into the night, ensuring that safety is of paramount concern as road conditions become that little bit more challenging.  Tricky road conditions aside, MOT testers will also appreciate some clean and blemish free headlamps with a faultless beam pattern, and let’s not forget that new headlights always lift the aesthetic appeal of any classic car. Something that few people seem to acknowledge during any restoration process.

See where you’re going in crystal clear HD, penetrate foggy, icy and maybe even snowy conditions with these headlamps of distinction. 20/20 vision is ensured with these bolted into your venerable Min – and they’ll shine brightly for years to come thanks to the notable Mountney quality control.

Add uprated 55w bulbs from the likes or OSRAM or Bosch and you’re guaranteed to have one of the most cost and a safety conscious upgrades that are possible on any old Mini.

They’re a universal classic car fit, but in association with the Mountney plastic headlamps bowls, they’re perfectly suited to the classic Mini-market.

So, don’t be afraid of heading out at night for a cross-country blast. Upgrade, fit and enjoy your classic all Winter! The lights cost £20.99 and available in both left- or right-hand drive

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