All aluminium radiators will corrode due to contact with water and although the corrosion of alloys is not as obvious as the rusting of steel or iron it still has the potential to cause problems in time.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to the problem; that uses the naturally occurring electrochemical potential difference between different metallic elements to provide protection.

Put simply, by including a metal that corrodes more easily than aluminium in the cooling system the corrosion potential of the aluminium is reduced, bringing it closer to an immune state.

This can be achieved by fitting a zinc sacrificial anode into the cooling system. Aeroflow’s zinc sacrificial anode is basically a rod of zinc mounted in a threaded bolt that can be screwed into the drain hole of the aluminium radiator or inserted via a threaded weld-on collar.

Because zinc is more electrically negative than aluminium it will corrode in preference to the aluminium radiator. Obviously, the anode will require replacing eventually but it’s far cheaper than a new radiator!

The Aeroflow Zinc Sacrificial Anode Plug Cooling System Solution – to give it its full name – can be ordered as part number AF49-2500. It features a ¼in NPT thread, which will fit some radiator drain holes, but if your radiator uses a different size the Aeroflow AF998-04D Aluminium Weld-on Collar can be used instead. Retail price for the Anode is £14.39 inc VAT and the collar is £3.59 inc VAT.

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