A great kitcar that is often overlooked is the Aeon GT, which was designed by John Hewat. Although John has moved on, Aeon Sportscars still actively market the kit, but in recent years have concentrated on their agricultural work and incredibly busy fabrication side of their business, which sees them making anything from wishbones to chassis; from tanks to commercial stuff.

However, Aeon boss, Keith Wood, is keen to press on with reminding us that the GT still exists and indeed has recently been revamped into a v2 model, which now sees power coming from a Ford EcoBoost 1.6-litre engine. The originals used various engines, with the VW Golf-spec 1.8-litre turbo being particularly well-suited to the GT.

Underpinned by Aeon’s own fabricated spaceframe chassis with It has fully adjustable independent suspension on the front and rear, which has been tested at MIRA for durability and design.

The Aeon has the ability to accept any transverse two-wheel drive setup and along with drivetrain options you can choose from a fixed-head with gullwings or convertible versions, and also a three-seat; central driving position (GT3) or conventional two-seater, configurations.

Aeon also acts as agents for DMO Sportscars, too.

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