Aardvark Racing Limited (ARL) is thrilled to announce that it has taken over the GT-R project from Spire Sportscars.

Spire has built a great reputation for quality cars with great customer service and while they will continue to focus on their very successful track-only GT-3 and GT-F cars, ARL takes on the road and track-going GT-R.

ARL has been created out of a passion for both high-quality engineering and innovative performance vehicles, the acquisition of the GT-R being the culmination of a lifelong interest in motorsport and kitcars by its founder.

The aim in the short term will be to give customers the best support possible, building on the foundations already laid by Spire, before starting some exciting developments scheduled for the end of the year.

The GT-R will continue to be offered with a variety of engine options including the Honda Fireblade, Kawasaki ZX-12 and ZX-14, Suzuki Hayabusa and Audi 1.8-litre engines. The car has constantly evolved through competition and testing, and ARL will be taking up the challenge to continue its evolution.

ARL is aiming to make the build process easier by releasing a new build manual and in the near future making comprehensive build modules available containing all parts needed to build a GT-R.

More information from www.aardvarkracingltd.co.ukor 07940 984 711 ENDS.