Another of my favourites at Stoneleigh this year was the new DAX Coupe from JK Sports Cars.

It’s a pastiche of the Daytona Coupe of which just six were built between 1964-65 and are now beyond the dreams of most of us mere mortals in terms of value.

It’s based on an extended DAX 427 chassis (including lengthened footwells), de Dion rear suspension and the company’s patented Camber Compensation and anti-roll front set up. The usual suspect American V8 engines can be used, as one would expect.

The chassis costs £1995 with the body package including all GRP parts and windscreen costs £5500. JK boss, John Kox, estimates that a DAX Coupe DIY build can be completed from around £30,000.

More information from 01992 523 788 ENDS.