Making its debut at last week’s Autosport International was the latest offering from Steve ‘Sport’ Griffiths of Severn Classics, which is a replica of the Audi Sport Quattro Group B rally car.

The original is a rally legend that debuted in 1980 and driven in competition by top-line drivers such as Michèle Mouton, Hannu Mikkola and Stig Blomqvist.

Severn’s replica features a GRP body and uses the Pie Valley Minx chassis meaning a well-tested frame that brings various MGF components such as front wishbones, although Sport’s Quattro, known as Scutellata, has fabricated rear wishbones and either an Audi V6 engine or a VW Golf VR6 or 1.9-litre turbo.

Suitable Audi donors should be available from around £500 and bring 220bhp to the party, which although well down on the original’s 350bhp they cost mega-bucks even if you could find one for sale.

The Scutellata will use a Pie Valley Minx chassis

Bear in mind too that Sporty estimates that a decent DIY build should be achievable from around £18,000 using the £12,500 comprehensive kit as the basis. This one should be a very interesting new arrival on the scene and you can see it at Stoneleigh in May.

Severn Classics is well-known for classic restoration services and also produce a Sebring Sprite replica and very convincing Metro 6R4 office desks!


Incidentally, a Scutellata is an African killer bee!

More information on this and all of Severn Classics’ other activities via or 01384 936 800 ENDS.