Maybe not so suited to our kitcars, but with Christmas coming and nearly all of us having tin-top daily drivers, I reckoned this would be of interest.

Now established as one of the UK’s most popular anti-UV products for the automotive industry, the Car Shades range has recently expanded to include a slew of new fitment options for an even wider variety of cars than ever before, meaning an even greater number of people can benefit from their multi-talented abilities. While the anti-sun and anti-UV properties of Car Shades have been well documented, it’s also worth considering one of their other, all too often overlooked uses, the ability to act as an anti-theft deterrent.

It’s no secret that the average modern family simply cannot leave the house for more than a few hours without carting with them a veritable treasure trove of extra ‘stuff’; from Game Boys to iPhones, chargers to laptops, portable DVD players to books – and all of it has to be fitted into the trusty family car somehow! This scene will no doubt be familiar to any family with younger or teenage children, and the problem is only exacerbated if the trip in question is slated to last more than a day or two.

The good news (for parents at least) is that all of the kit mentioned above can keep tired, bored and otherwise irritable children occupied for an impressively long span of time, certainly until they reach the first scheduled service station stop! The bad news is that thieves are all too aware of the need for families to travel with such an impressive array of expensive cutting edge technology, and have begun to target them as a direct result. It’s a sad fact of travel in contemporary Britain and one which quite clearly has the potential to wreck even the best planned of family trips, and that’s before we even touch on the potential financial hardships it can cause.

The vast majority of car thieves are about as far from the archetypal criminal mastermind as it’s possible to get, rather they’re mere opportunists, looking for an easy theft and a quick buck. This means that it often doesn’t take all that much to deter them, and there are few more effective visual deterrents than an inability to see into the interior of the car. Car Shades are a valuable tool to have at your disposal then, and a correctly fitted set can dramatically reduce the degree to which the car’s interior (and everything contained within) can be glimpsed. They can’t form a physical barrier preventing access to the car but they don’t have to; all but the most committed of car thieves will be put off by the inability to peer into the car in question, and will all too often move on to look for a more readily accessible target.

A set of Car Shades contains high quality screens for the rear windows and tailgate, effectively shielding the passenger and luggage load areas from full view. It means that Car Shades can function as an affordable, easy to apply visual deterrent against those with loose morals and sticky fingers.

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