Even for those that love detailing their car, it’s usually the wheels that cause the biggest amount of grief and elbow grease. Thankfully, Autoglym has the well-proven solution, in the easily-applied form of their super-effective ‘Clean Wheels’ product. No prizes for guessing what it does…

Having being lovingly developed – and continuously improved – over the years, Clean Wheels offers a simple ‘Spray, Scrub, Rinse’ solution for almost all types of painted alloy wheels, as well as all plastic wheel trims.  Best applied using Autoglym’s Hi Tech Wheel Brush to agitate the product (and get it into all those tricky nooks and crannies) Clean Wheels soon gets to work, cutting through even the toughest of baked on brake-dust, grease and dirt. Basically, whatever the road (or track) can throw at your rims, Clean Wheels can remove.

It’s not just wheels either. Clean Wheels can also be safely applied to the tyre wall, removing any old detailing products and preparing the surface to a squeaky-clean finish – ready for you to apply a quick dash of High Performance Tyre Ge for that concours-ready look.

Although extremely tough on dirt, Clean Wheels is very gentle to any painted or lacquered finish, however it is not recommended for polished or chromed wheels. Fear not though, for those that like to rock a rim that’s shinier than a nun’s conscience, there’s always Custom Wheel Cleaner, which can be applied to anything from a diamond-turned masterpiece to a polished slot mag, without fear of tarnish or tarnation.

Priced at a most sensible £9.20, Clean Wheels should do quite a few wash days on even the muckiest of motors, meaning that you’ll never leave the house with anything ever than perfectly prepped shoes on your pride and joy!

For more information, or to order, please click to https://www.autoglym.com/clean-wheels ENDS.