Get the best of both worlds – acceleration and easy motorway cruising – with a Mini Spares five-speed gearbox. All come fully assembled and ready to install.

Both helical and straight cut gears are available and they can be specified with either the original open differential, Mini Spares cross pin or limited slip differential.

The gearbox is suitable for 1275-1380cc engines (except those with extra boosted turbos). The gear case has undergone extensive modification and upgrading by Mini Spares with no fewer than 58 improvements to the linkage and gear components.

The gearbox features a closer ratio gear set than the standard four-speed item by virtue of a re-designed laygear and first motion shaft, which produce the following ratios –
First gear 3.282
Second gear 1.966
Third gear 1.283
Fourth gear 1:1
Fifth gear is technically an overdrive and produces a reduction of .882 on the helical teeth gearbox, effectively giving a final drive ratio of 3.037 in fifth.

The Mini Spares five-speed gearbox can be ordered as part number MSG05 (with helical gears and cross pin diff) at £2295.00 inc VAT. Call for prices of other options. The gearbox is sold on an exchange basis with a surcharge of £250 pending the return of the old A Plus ‘box in a recyclable condition.

For more details find them at the other end of 01707 607 700 or visit ENDS.