Mittler Brothers has been building metalworking tools and fabrication equipment in the USA for over thirty-years. Now these machine tools are available in the UK and Europe exclusively through Brown & Geeson Ltd.

The Mittler Bros Ultimate Tube Notcher has over twenty-five years of proven use and is a must-have for professional fabricators, vehicle preparers, roll-cage specialists and alike.

Offering one of the quickest, quietest and easiest ways to notch tubing for a perfect TIG weld-fit every time.

Simply clamp the tube in the calibrated V-Block swivel vice for an accurate and repeatable angle position. The vice can be set in one-degree increments, an optional adjustable height vice is available separately for offset notching.

The 1bhp motor runs at 120rpm to suit either thin or thick walled tubing. The end mill design allows for fast metal removal, while no coolant is required and a collecting tray ensures the workshop remains tidy while working.

A compatible stand is also available to provide stable support for the machine, while enabling the user to work at a comfortable, ergonomic height.

A range of end mill cutters in multiple sizes, including fine cutters, is available separately from Brown & Geeson Ltd.

The machine is priced from £4949.99 inc. VAT.

For more information call 01268 764 411 or visit ENDS.