Edelbrock’s Universal EFI Sump Fuel Kits are designed to provide the necessary high fuel pressure required for EFI applications in vehicles equipped with a low-pressure carburetted fuel system. It’s a complete self-contained compact system that can be easily installed under the bonnet of any vehicle.

This latest generation includes many new features and has been reduced in size to a more compact design that is easier to tuck away in any engine bay. One of the key new features is these kits are now adjustable from 35-90 psi and also now include a vacuum reference port.

Two kits are available and can support up to 600bhp (#36031) and 750bhp (#36033). The overall height has been reduced by 4in and the depth by 1.25in, without sacrificing performance.

The unique design of these systems allows them to deliver a constant fuel pressure, which is necessary to operate an EFI system. They’re ideal for use with aftermarket EFI systems and late-model engine swaps in vehicles with an existing factory fuel tank and low-pressure fuel system, as found in engines with carburettors.

They eliminate the need for fuel tank modifications or additional return fuel lines that are normally required when upgrading a low-pressure fuel system. These systems eliminate fuel starvation issues that can be encountered with low fuel level in non-baffled fuel tanks.

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