DEI has been making exhaust wrap for more years than most of us care to remember, but their latest version comes with a bit of a twist – well, weave really.

The new wrap features a black carbon-fibre look to the weave, which makes it great for kitcars (and rods and motorbikes, too) where the exhaust is more prominent – or even just to enliven the look of your engine bay.

However, it’s more than just a pretty face. The new Titanium Exhaust Wrap is made from pulverised lava rock, stranded into a fibre material and then woven into a proprietary weave.
The combination of this unique material and the special weave make it stronger and more durable than most wraps on the market as well as providing improved thermal performance.

DEI says that the product can withstand 1800-degrees F direct and 2500-degrees F intermittent heat without breaking a sweat. It is extremely pliable, permitting a tighter and therefore more secure wrap. Titanium Exhaust Wrap comes with the added advantage that there is no need to pre-wet the roll before application.

The company also claim that the wrap will increase performance by keeping exhaust heat in, while protecting components in close proximity to the exhaust system. It will also reduce engine bay temperatures to ensure a cooler and denser intake charge to the engine and this in turn helps make more power. It also reduces the chances of nasty burns whilst working on the engine.

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