Merlin Motorsport is a service centre for Lifeline fire extinguishers and can field all enquiries on the subject.

The products have a ten-year life. So, if your extinguisher has passed this period, it can no longer be serviced. Rather than buying a complete new kit, you can simply replace the bottle and utilise all of your existing parts, the bracket, straps, tubing, etc saving you time and money. For example, the very popular – LIFELINE 2.25-litre CLUB FIRE MARSHAL bottle costs £82.05 or the full kit is £130.25.

Likewise, the LIFELINE 2.25-litre MECHANICAL has a bottle-only price of £125.55 as opposed to the full kit price of £231.45

Merlin can now supply ‘bottles only’ for ALL LIFELINE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS and they have bottles in stock for the most popular extinguishers ready for immediate dispatch, for others there may be a short waiting time from ordering.

For more information contact 01249 782 101 or visit ENDS.