There is nothing worse than having to hold onto a torch with one hand while you use the other to try to find out what is causing a problem with your car. Ring, the automotive accessory supplier to the aftermarket, has a simple tool that will leave your hands free: a head-torch.

It’s obvious but, lots of car enthusiasts accept the struggle of using a torch when all they need is a head-torch, ideal for those jobs that require both hands. The powerful lamp output means that motorists can check even the most difficult of places with ease, making it a perfect gadget for the garage

Ring has two head torches that are useful additions to the toolbox of any car enthusiast – the Sensor and the Egg head-torches.

The Sensor head-torch can be activated using an infra-red sensor or manually. With revolutionary focus control, this head-torch has two red LEDs and SOS signalling when turned to night vision.

It requires three AAA batteries, which are included. The head-torch uses a CREE LED to produce 100-lumen output. An additional two red LEDS help maintain night vision when not able to use the white light. The battery life of the lamp is eight hours on 100 per cent brightness mode, 80-hours on 10 per cent brightness mode, 40-hours on night vision mode and 100-hours on SOS flashing mode.

Similarly effective, the Egg head-torch is a useful tool with a lock-out mode to avoid accidental battery drain when it is not in use. Its multi-position hinge means that light can be directed exactly where needed. The white LED produces 85-lumens output for visibility up to 60m.

The energy saving mode produces a white light of 10-lumens, and the red LED gives improved night-time vision and an SOS flashing mode. Better still, this head-torch is water resistant. Again, it requires three AAA batteries, which are included.

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