So you have a GM LS engine that’s in need of a horsepower boost. Summit Racing could have just the thing.

FiTech’s Ultimate LS Fuel Injection Systems are plug and play, self-tuning induction systems that are complete from intake manifold to wiring harness –no messing about with factory wiring, re-flashing ECUs, or mis-matching parts. If you can use a spanner and snap wiring connectors together, you can install an Ultimate LS system, Summit Racing claim.

Available in versions that support 500 to 750bhp, the systems include TIG-welded, low-profile fabricated intake manifold with CNC-machined ports, 1500-6500 RPM powerband high-flow, cable-operated 92mm (500bhp) or 102mm (750bhp) throttle body with progressive linkage pulley for smooth throttle transitions an billet aluminium fuel rails with AN fitting and fuel crossover.

The brains behind the Ultimate LS system is the programmable ECU. You can leave it in self-learning mode, or you can use the handheld colour touchscreen to fine-tune the ECU for your particular engine combination. Tuning features include:

3-BAR MAP sensor for forced induction, which automatically detects up to 30 PSI boost, sequential fuel and spark control with individual cylinder trim, on-the-fly target air/fuel ratio and spark timing control, Datalogging capability, knock sensor control, two programmable electric fan control outputs (coolant and 1-bar MAP) and tacho and speedometer output drivers compatible with most gauges.

The FiTech Ultimate LS Fuel Injection Systems are available for LS1/LS2 and LS3 engines. You can get a system with an optional transmission control feature that works with 4L60, 4L65, 4L70, and 4L80 automatic transmissions.

This video outlines all of the Ultimate LS goodness.