MK Indy now under the Kit Car Direct banner…

One of my all-time favourite Lotus Seven-inspired sportscars is the MK Indy. Created as part of the Ron Champion Locost movement way back in 1998 by the top bloke that is Martin Keenan, the Indy first appeared in very basic component form spread out on a blanket on the floor in the cowshed at Stoneleigh that year.

From the outset, Martin gave the people what they wanted; top quality components at a pocket money price and as a result sold loads of components. As soon as he introduced chassis and body panels, therefore a ‘proper’ kit package, he was nearly run over with demand.

Ten years ago I drove a BRILLIANT Indy with full electric power. Fantastic...I wish they'd made more of them

Ten years ago I drove a BRILLIANT Indy with full electric power. Fantastic…I wish they’d made more of them

Martin was one of the first kitcar manufacturers to grasp bike-power and I recall a few very tasty Indys with Honda Fireblades in them.


MK Sportscars became one of the leading kitcar manufacturers and a for a few years were right at the top of the tree and every Indy I drove filled me with joy. There was even a stunning all-electric example about ten-years ago. I really enjoyed my silent thrash around the highways and byways close to their (then) Worksop base. I always felt they missed a trick by not pursuing that one.

Over the years the Indy evolved into a high class contender and also one that did really well on track, especially in the capable hands of Danny Keenan. I even called MK Sportscars ‘national treasures’ on more than once occasion.

In the last few years the company has concentrated on French sales and track stuff in general and haven’t really been seen at shows for a few years.

Well, all that may be about to change as the MK Indy project was sold this week and is now owned by Essex-based Kit Car Direct and knowing the good work they do it could well be a great partnership, one that is certain to put the Indy back where it belongs, right at the forefront of the UK kiytcar industry…

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