With UK households owning an average of 7.4 internet devices, and the average person carrying 2.9 on them at all times, we’ve never been more connected than we are today.  But with all these gadgets comes the challenge of keeping things charged and making sure they are ready when we need them most.

Imagine the annual family road trip. Dad’s in the driver’s seat trying to follow the satnav, mum’s in the passenger seat talking on her phone, the kids are in the back alternating between texting friends and playing the latest games on their tablets. What a great picture, everyone happy and content. That is, until the batteries start to die.

With multiple devices on the go, there is the need to be able to charge several pieces of tech at the same time. That’s why Ring has developed its new Smart USB Charging Sockets that allow for the charging of multiple devices at the same time.

With a choice of three x USB sockets and a four x USB socket, you can simultaneously charge three or four devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, satnavs and more. The Smart Universal Fast Charging Technology enables the USB charging socket to detect the mobile device and charge it an optimum rate, while the integrated Smart-Fuse protects your vehicle and device against short circuit, over-heating, over-loading and reverse polarity.

With the latest Ring Smart USB Charging Socket, the whole family can stay connected and the annual family road trips will remain peaceful and happy.

For a list of nationwide stockists, check out the Ring website for more details: ENDS.