This new portable optical hand-held tachometer from Laser Tools (part number 6610) is used for non-contact measurement of rotational speeds. It uses include maintenance and adjustment of various machines, conveyor belts, motors and belt drives, etc. It utilises photo-electric, anti-jamming and junction laser technology to provide non-contact measurements over a wide range (2.5 – 99,999 RPM) and at great accuracy (± 0.05% + 1 digit).

A reflective mark is placed on the object to be measured (white reflective tape is provided for this purpose) and this is used as a target for the instrument’s integral laser light beam. The detecting distance is 50-500mm, and the sample time is just 0.8 sec, so that the RPM is displayed on the large and clear LCD display almost instantly.

The digital tachometer has a memory function (minimum, maximum and last values) and 96-sets of continuous data can be saved. It includes a low battery indicator, and three AA batteries are included.

A professional, robust and accurate tool, it is CE certificated and ROHS compliant. Available now from your local Laser Tools supplier for a typical price of £54.86 inc VAT, but remember to check for the best prices and special offers.

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