A project I’ve always liked it is the HSR, which has had a few false starts but remains full of potential.

A potentially brilliant project, the HSR

A potentially brilliant project, the HSR

Our old mate, Pat Jackson, came up with the concept back in 2006 and developed it in conjunction with MK Sportscars basing it on the company’s proven, Indy spaceframe chassis. Although MK displayed the car a couple of times at shows it ultimately didn’t go much further.

It then lay dormant for a while although Pat always felt it had mileage in it and about two-years ago began marketing it himself, which is when I drove it for a feature in TKC Mag. By this time, Pat had cleverly altered it so that the Healey-inspired body would fit on pretty much any Lotus Seven-inspired sportscar chassis.

That's an MK Indy chassis, a potent Honda Fireblade and a new HSR body fitted to it...fits any Lotus Seven-inspired kit actually...

That’s an MK Indy chassis, a potent Honda Fireblade and a new HSR body fitted to it…fits any Lotus Seven-inspired kit actually…a very cool concept.

Therefore, it was very lightweight, and with a bike engine installed its performance was wild. A great idea if you wanted an affordable way to give an uplift to an existing kitcar. However, although enquiries were good, Pat’s main business is in corporate driving events and trackdays and the like and he looked to sell the project on.

Lo and behold at Stoneleigh in 2015 the project appeared again, under the control of the marvellously-named Jetson, part of Ian Rowley’s Kit Part Direct operation. Since then nothing was heard until very recently, it was announced that GRP specialist, Karl Dunmore who runs KAD Fibreglass Products, had taken over the HSR project.

Karl can already offer bodyshells for the innovative body conversion starting at £900, which means it’ll be an affordable build to say the least. He is however, working on a standalone spaceframe chassis for those that want one, which will be launched in the near future.

KAD is well-known for the prowess working with GRP and other composites and so the HSR looks to be in good hands with a bright future.

More news as this one develops although in the meantime contact Karl via www.kadfibreglassproducts.co.uk or 01526 321 200 ENDS.