GM’s new LS3 427ci V8 engine is quickly earning the same reputation for performance as its late-1960s 427 big block namesake. BluePrint Engine’s new line of Pro Series Chevy LS 427 Crate Engines aims to enhance that reputation.

There are four engines in BluePrint’s Pro Series:

The Pro Series Chevy LS 427ci 625bhp EFI Retrofit Dressed Crate Engine is a virtually ‘drop-in and go’ solution. It comes with everything required for installation, including an ECU that’s already calibrated. The 427 LS3-based stroker uses cylinder heads of BluePrint’s own design and cranks out an awesome 625bhp.

BluePrint Engine’s Pro Series Chevy LS 427ci 625bhp EFI Drop-In Base Crate Engine is a great option for owners of LS3-equipped vehicles looking for a close to 200bhp performance boost. The engine is a direct drop-in swap for the stock LS3, and all of the factory LS3 accessories (A/C, alternator, etc.) will bolt right onto it.

For builders who prefer carburetion to EFI, BluePrint Engines offers its Pro Series Chevy LS 427ci 625bhp Carbureted Retrofit Dressed Crate Engine. It boasts similar performance characteristics to its EFI brethren, without the wiring and plumbing required for fuel injection.

The engine includes an intake manifold and carburetor, plus ignition coil packs and sensors. It’s a proven ‘old school meets new school’ set-up that delivers impressive performance results.

The Pro Series Chevy LS 427ci 750bhp Supercharged Fuel Injected Crate Engine offers no-holds-barred performance. Thanks to its Magnuson TVS2300 supercharger, this turnkey engine cranks out huge power and torque, yet carries a 30 month, 50,000 mile warranty