Spray carpet glue is pretty useful stuff in the home, and you might think it’s equally useful in the car for fixing carpets, upholstery and headlinings.

Unfortunately, the first time you leave your newly-trimmed car out in the sun you’ll find out why domestic spray carpet glue isn’t suitable. The temperatures reached in a car, in sunshine, will make the spray glue ‘let go’ and all of the new trim will peel or fall off.

This is where Design Engineering’s Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive comes into its own as it’s designed to provide a secure, high-strength, heat-resistant bond to almost any surface within minutes – it will ‘grip’ in as little as 30-seconds with a full bond achieved in approximately fifteen minutes. The bond is both water and heat-resistant and therefore suitable for both automotive and marine use.

Hi-Temp Spray Adhesive works on fabric, foam, vinyl, wood or plastic. Once applied it will quickly dry to a clear seal without risk of yellowing, thus making it ideal for installing carpets, headliners, trim, insulation, and upholstery.

The adhesive is rated up to 160°F (71°C), so it can be used wherever strong heat resistance is required while the three-way adjustable valve allows a choice of three spray patterns.

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